Created by
Spencer Devlin Howard & Nathan Turner

Podcast Written, Edited, and Produced by
Spencer Devlin Howard

Postcards Written and Produced by
Nathan Turner

Presented by
The West

Jack Schechter, Richard Nixon, Barnaby Cream
Spencer Devlin Howard

Natalia Gromyko, Florence Gilchrist
Claire Kaplan

Jacob Bailey, Igor Yaroslavovich
Nathan Turner

Katherine Snell, Cosmodrome
Cate Scott Campbell

Various Russians, Americans, and a Frenchman
Sam Hunter

Anton Pashkov
Thomas Miller

Maxim Tupolev
Matt MacNelly

Mitchell Saunders, Albert Braverman
Steven Hastings

Adlai Braithwaite, Nelson Walker
Ross Crain

Dahlia Helprin, Susan Parks
Shannon Stockwell

Abner Graves
Mat Kaplan

Recorded at
Voxx Studios, Glendale
The Echo at Atwater Village Theaters, Atwater Village

Special Thanks
Andrei Zinca, Tünde Skovrán, Chris Fields, Alex Freeman, the archivists at NASA, and our moms and dads

Extra Special Thanks
Everyone who donated to Lady into Fox